The Sadhana Club

This is a virtual space (for now) where we as a community can come together and practice and support each other through Yoga, Meditation and Community. We meet daily to practice online, through Zoom. There is a guided medition practice daily at 7am, followed by led Ashtanga Primary Series three days per week, and an unguided, self practice three days per week. Most will be practicing Ashtanga however you are welcome to join, regardless of the tradition that you practice.

Sadhana is the Sanskrit term for a dedicated spiritual practice. I will be keeping this space honest and real with a minimum of labelling. A Sadhana is not about what you practice but how you practice. The key is to always set the intention for your practice to be of benefit for not only yourself but for all sentient beings.

You don’t need to be part of any specific tradition but at the beginning of this new chapter it is the natural continuation of a traditional Mysore Program, a quiet space where we congregate to do our Asana practice.

This space is about community support and the maintenance of our spiritual practice and growth. I welcome practitioners from all Yoga and Spiritual or Movement traditions to join the club and use the same virtual space. I am a practicing Buddhist and the methods of mind training within the Buddha Dharma has been my mental support system for the larger part of my adult life. Together with an Ashtanga Viniyasa Yoga Asana practice this forms my own daily Sadhana.

Depending on your own beliefs, the Sadhana Club may represent to you, your Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple or any other space you keep sacred in your heart.



The Sadhana Club – Virtual Practice Space through Zoom

7:00am Monday to Saturday: Meditation

7:30am Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays: Ashtanga Yoga Led Primary Class 

7:30am Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays: Mysore Self Practice


Alternatively the space is available for self practice Monday to Friday 4:30am to 10am and you can start any time.  (Practitioners from ALL traditions are welcome)  


There is no fixed pricing – I am running this as an honesty system based on donations of what you can afford. 
Suggested donation is $70-$100 PER MONTH however every donation, big or small, makes a difference. If you are in a position to donate more it will supplement for those who cannot afford the suggested donation. Everyone is welcome, so the donation is just a suggestion, I understand that many of us are struggling and there will be no judgement or exclusion of those who cannot afford the suggested donation.

or alternatively via Bank Transfer into the following account:

Name: Gabriel Stinga Rihani, BSB: 484799, ACC: 170177091


I do ask you to keep your camera on please. No one is concerned about the mess or distractions in your practice space. Many of us have kids and pets running around, it doesn’t matter, but it helps the community if we keep cameras on.