Ashtanga Yoga for Pregnancy

When you are pregnant there is no reason to stop practicing! Your practice will help you through the mental and physical changes your body is accommodating int eh lead up to the birth of your child. That said, many things will need to change, from your breath, the vinyasa, and the asana. These will continue to evolve through the various stages of pregnancy and are different for each woman.

Nadia teaches Ashtanga Yoga for all stages of pregnancy, having guided herself through pregnancy (even the day she gave birth) and has worked with several students, teaching them how to modify the Ashtanga sequences, and add other beneficial asanas to their practice through this important time.

Prenatal Classes:

  • $120 per class for a one-off class
  • $110 per class for a Ten Pack of classes
    (must be used within 3 months)


13 + 8 =